Bonnie lass (faeriecross) wrote in tipping_velvet,
Bonnie lass

Wanting to dress up like Nan?

Hello all! I've just recently finished the book Tipping the Velvet and adored it so, obviously. I'm looking to soon watch the mini TV show too - from what I here, it seems good? Is it too different from the books? Well, if anything, I would watch it just for the prettyness..

But I had another question, and I apologize if it is too off-topic.. but I wondered if anyone here had any idea of where to find suits like Nan and Kitty had, as I am going to a ball soon. Boy's suits for girls, so to speak. Besides getting them custom-fitted, because that's expensive. I'm a small girl myself, so should I look for boy's (small boys) suits in the largest size? Every time I search girl's suits I just find those feminine business suits. Any ideas/tips on where to look?

Thank you! <3
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