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Someone please tell me that this is a load of rubbish?

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Well, there's no listing for it for Sofia, Eva or Beyonce on IMDb, so I'm cautiously optimistic that it's just a rumour.
It would just be wrong if it was to happen. I love Eva Longoria and all, but those two together

a) would just be wrong
b) they're yanks... really! (not that I have anything against (most) yanks, just that they really should never ever EVER do a version of it)
c) no no no no no no and no!



11 years ago

I hope this is just a sick joke
Me too. xx
EW! Eva is okay but BEYONCE?!! Shes a HORRIFIC actor!! That would be just painful!! *dies*
I know. I love love love Eva, but Beyonce is shocking. I don't like her as a person never mind anything else!! Well, her music is allright, but still... no, tis just wrong. xx
Probably just a crap story that got carried away with, maybe a conversation overheard wrong or something... I hope!

beyonce?? that's horrifying!
wtf wtf wtf! god i hope it's a rumor!

Coppola is good,
but those actresses....
What is this, the lesbian version of Idlewild? (that movie, so slashy)

Here's a proper gossip article from Soundgenerator.

Mumbai Mirror

Interesting interview published about a month ago - no mention of this project in particular, plus she's going to have a baby soon, so *if* anything comes of it (remember the sheer number of things that have been optioned, had directors and even stars attached, and were never made): Cinematic Happenings Under Development.

We're still in rumour mode - no need to panic until well after she has the baby.
Who's having a baby soon?? xx


11 years ago

ahhhh shes black... and ahh nac wasnt. it shouldnt happen
good god no! for many reasons, no!
One simple word ......... NO!
oh it has to be crap... i hope!
if it isnt then it must be boycotted!.. because eeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll start up a boycotting campaign if it is true. xx


11 years ago

if they make a movie they will have to see Miss Waters and i hope to god she says no!!!!
Boycott all the way if they are.
I'm very sad by this news. No good can come from this, I am sure. Heh, tho I could see Beyonce as..o wait..I can't see her as anything in that movie b/c she shouldn't have any kind of role in it! If this horror show actually becomes a movie I would rather see Eva as Nan.