B (blob) wrote in tipping_velvet,

Nan and Flo music video

Hi everyone,

A while ago, my girlfriend made some Tipping the Velvet music videos featuring Nan and Kitty. You may have seen them. I thought I'd have a go at making a video of Nan and Flo instead, so that's exactly what I've done. :D I finished it today, and I'm quite pleased with it. It's set to the track "Children" by Robert Miles.

You can watch it either on YouTube (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkDWTRoLJxU — you'll probably need to pause it for a while to let it load) or by downloading it from my Rachael Stirling fansite, here. (It's labelled "Tipping the Velvet: Music Video #3".)

Please let me know what you think! :)
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