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Someone please tell me that this is a load of rubbish?

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Well, there's no listing for it for Sofia, Eva or Beyonce on IMDb, so I'm cautiously optimistic that it's just a rumour.
It would just be wrong if it was to happen. I love Eva Longoria and all, but those two together

a) would just be wrong
b) they're yanks... really! (not that I have anything against (most) yanks, just that they really should never ever EVER do a version of it)
c) no no no no no no and no!

not that I have anything against (most) yanks, just that they really should never ever EVER do a version of it

Yeah, we really probably shouldn't.

Also, that...well, I hesitate to call it an article, but whatever it was, it was so poorly written that I'm perfectly happy pretending I'd never seen it.
I hope this is just a sick joke
Me too. xx
EW! Eva is okay but BEYONCE?!! Shes a HORRIFIC actor!! That would be just painful!! *dies*
I know. I love love love Eva, but Beyonce is shocking. I don't like her as a person never mind anything else!! Well, her music is allright, but still... no, tis just wrong. xx
Probably just a crap story that got carried away with, maybe a conversation overheard wrong or something... I hope!

beyonce?? that's horrifying!
wtf wtf wtf! god i hope it's a rumor!

Coppola is good,
but those actresses....
What is this, the lesbian version of Idlewild? (that movie, so slashy)

Here's a proper gossip article from Soundgenerator.

Mumbai Mirror

Interesting interview published about a month ago - no mention of this project in particular, plus she's going to have a baby soon, so *if* anything comes of it (remember the sheer number of things that have been optioned, had directors and even stars attached, and were never made): Cinematic Happenings Under Development.

We're still in rumour mode - no need to panic until well after she has the baby.
Who's having a baby soon?? xx
Sofia Coppola. The gossip sites right now say she wants it to be born in Paris, so she'll be hanging out in France for months. *Not* where you want to be if you're really planning a Hollywood film.

(actually, if it's an adaptation that's thoroughly cracked out and *is* a female version of Idlewild, I'll mind it a lot less. Thoroughly cracked out adaptation is always better than a failure at a straight-up filmization.)

Deleted comment

ahhhh shes black... and ahh nac wasnt. it shouldnt happen
good god no! for many reasons, no!
One simple word ......... NO!
oh it has to be crap... i hope!
if it isnt then it must be boycotted!.. because eeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll start up a boycotting campaign if it is true. xx
YAY, boycotts are fun... unless your the one being boycotted :p
if they make a movie they will have to see Miss Waters and i hope to god she says no!!!!
Boycott all the way if they are.
I'm very sad by this news. No good can come from this, I am sure. Heh, tho I could see Beyonce as..o wait..I can't see her as anything in that movie b/c she shouldn't have any kind of role in it! If this horror show actually becomes a movie I would rather see Eva as Nan.